Top 20 Heart Shape Mehndi Designs

Henna or Mehndi is adored by women from all over the globe. When it comes to weddings and other special events, Henna is a popular choice for brides to cover their hands and feet. In the world of Henna Art, females can choose from a variety of designs, but the heart shape is universally admired. The heart mehndi designs for hands are a fun alternative to the usual mehndi patterns or themes if you’re looking for something a little different.

You may show your sweetheart how much you care with heart-shaped henna. Valentine’s Day, Karwa Chauth, or even your engagement party are all excellent opportunities to use heart-shaped mehndi patterns.

Mehndi is a scrumptious new craze, right? If so, then these designs are for you!

1. Symmetrical Romance

Heart mehndi design

Source image: Pinterest

This is one of the most popular designs for wedding mehndi with hearts. On each hand, there are two half-hearts, and the rest of the piece is covered in little, delicate flowers. To see the design in its entirety, both hands must be linked together. This is a symbol of the union of two hearts at the wedding.

2. Heart at Your Back Hand

Heart mehndi designSource Image: Pinterest

It is a back-of-hand design with a simple Arabic heart shape and a few flower patterns starting from any finger to wrist. First-time heart mehndi artists can try out this inspiration design. The elegance of a basic design may be used to support all your events.

3. Arabic Hearts

Heart mehndi designSource Image: Pinterest 

It’s a wonderful and spectacular design idea. An easy-to-follow Arabic outline that even the most inexperienced can try! This can be used for simple events at school or any other kind of gathering or celebration.

4. Heart Shape Mehndi Design For Front Hand

Heart mehndi design Source Image: Pinterest

This heart-shaped mehndi design is both simple and fashionable. Mehndi is applied to the tips of the fingers in a basic chain style. Heart-shaped designs wrap the palms and wrists to provide a simple yet striking aesthetic. 

5. Heart Shape Mehndi Design With Name

Heart Shape Mehndi Design With NameSource Image: Pinterest 

As far as wedding mehndi designs for the bride and bridesmaids are concerned, a floral-filled heart map is all you need. This mehndi design is simple to apply and can be used for any occasion. A personal touch can be added to your mehndi by drawing your partner’s initials or name inside the heart.

6. Add A Pop Of Color

Heart mehndi design Source Image: Pinterest

See a burst of color in the palm of your hand thanks to this lovely mehndi design with a heart in the middle. All you need to do is use a dark-colored glitter or shimmering sketch pen to fill in each heart.

7. Finger with a Tiny Heart

                Finger with a Tiny Heart

Source Image: Pinterest

With the new finger mehndi drift, here’s a simple heart shape. Just the addition of the tiny heart adds to the overall appeal of this design, which is quite well-liked and elegant. An excellent starting point for a project.

8. Rose Heart

Rose heart mehndi designSource Image: Pinterest

On the back of your hands, you may create a beautiful heart henna outline. In addition to the henna-covered hands, the hearts are encircled by a slew of tiny rose-themed designs. Henna tattoo heart outlines that you can wear at celebrations or for an engagement are flawless.

9. Simple Heart Shape Mehndi Design

Simple heart mehndi designSource Image: Pinterest

To add a heartfelt touch, all you need is a simple breathtaking heart art on your hand. It appears easy, and the sweetness of this clarity is quite endearing. Big and small hearts adorn the pattern, with a spiral motif filling the outer side. If you’re hosting a small party at home, this heart-shaped mehndi design is a great option.

10. Heart-Shaped Bracelet      Heart-Shaped Bracelet

Source Image: Pinterest

To create the intricate heart henna designs, which are encircled by beautiful leaf patterns, artists must use extremely thin and precise strokes. To describe it, you may refer to the design as “whine-free” mehndi.

11. Heart Design On Feet

Heart Design On FeetSource Image: Pinterest 

The shock factor can be maintained by using this Arabic mehndi design on the feet as an affection pendant. Because only one portion of the mehndi design is drawn on each foot, you obtain a beautiful Arabic mehndi heart outline when your legs meet.

12. Curved Lines Pattern And Hearts                 

Curved Lines Pattern And Hearts

Source Image: Pinterest

In mehndi designs, spirals and hearts always go hand in hand. Having this outline spanning your entire hand, as well as your heart, is all you need to show your dedication to someone.

13. Chain Of Hearts

Chain heart mehndi design Source Image: Pinterest

To make things even more adorable, you might simply draw just hearts. Creating a heart bracelet is as simple as making a chain of hearts in a row. It’s easy to put together and looks good, too.

14. Leaves Around Heart

Leaves Around HeartSource Image: Pinterest

Patterns of leaves are used to create an easy-to-follow motif for henna heart designs. When you have little swirls and leaves all-around a large heart, it looks stunning. Even though it’s a simple design, it’s elegant and sleek.

15. White Heart Mehndi Design

White Heart Mehndi DesignSource Image: Pinterest

This design is for those youngsters or ladies who think it is a must to include a heart in their henna. The heart is drawn at the middle and around it loads of paisley and motifs are drawn which gives the design more leverage. Now you can add a western flair to your henna with a heart-shaped design.

16. Touching Hearts               

Touching Hearts

Source Image: Pinterest

The two little hearts meet at the end of a single vine that begins with an enormous heart. If you’re going out with your significant other for a romantic meal or a night on the town, this heart mehndi is perfect for you.

17. Easy Heart Design On Anklet               

Easy Heart Design On Anklet

Source Image: Pinterest

This is a simple and relaxing design that’s perfect for your lower legs. It appears to be a beautiful anklet. Aside from being intended for your lower legs, you can also finish this plan on your wrists and thighs.1

18. Shine It Up                 

Shine It UpSource Image: Pinterest 

The wings of the heart are represented by the two peacocks in this beautiful heart design. What sets this plan apart from the rest is its uniqueness and creativity. The use of blue stones and glitter makes it much more beautiful.

19. Shooting Hearts

Shooting HeartsSource Image: Pinterest

This exquisite henna pattern is the work of an artist. Hearts and arrows are incorporated into the design to make it more appealing. Girls who enjoy mehndi designs in the shape of hearts would particularly enjoy this design.

20. Tattoo Hearts

Tattoo heartsSource Image: Pinterest

You don’t have to stick to your hands and feet when it comes to tattooing heart-shaped designs on your body, as they appear beautiful and cool on any area of your body.

So, which of these easy heart shape mehndi designs are you going to try next time?

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