20 Simple Kids Mehndi Design

There are many different mehndi designs to pick from. Whether it’s a simple mehndi design, bridal mehndi designs for full hands, or a mehndi design for the bride’s sister, we’ve covered everything, and now, we’ll be covering mehndi designs for your kids! You know how youngsters are obsessed with mehndi and want to participate in anything their mothers do? That’s quite nice, except they don’t have the patience to sit somewhere for even 10 minutes. As a result, we must decorate their hands with simple designs but appear charming when worn. This blog is chock-full of simple mehndi patterns for kids. From simple cartoon mehndi designs to simple Arabic mehndi for baby girls, or just basic circles or floral arrangements – peruse this selection to pick the one that’s just right for your little one. 

Blossom Mehndi Design

Blossom kids mehndi designImage Source: Instagram

The objective is to create a vine so that the blossoms become smaller as they approach the tip of the finger, giving it a great appearance.

Happy Smiles Mehndi Design

Happy smiles mehndi designImage Source: Instagram

We can’t get enough of this adorable happy chakra mehndi design. It’s pretty lovely and tidy, with perfect spacing. The concentric circles add a creative touch. We’re confident you’ll love it.

Graceful Jaal Design

Jhaal kids mehndi designImage Source: Instagram

This is a beautiful mehndi design for your little daughter. We like how this design is neither overly elaborate nor overly simple. It features lovely florals, jaal designs, and beautiful dotted embellishments.

Unicorn Love 

Unicorn mehndi designImage Source: Instagram

Kids adore unicorns, so cover their hands with this adorable and straightforward unicorn image. We are just gushing over how excellent this concept is, and we can’t help but want to get our hands on it as well.

Butterflies Everywhere 

Image Source: Instagram

Butterflies are very girly, and children adore them. The design includes a large butterfly with shaded accents, as well as a flower as a trail, all of which combine to create a highly feminine mehndi pattern for your kiddo.

Kind-Of-A-Jewelry Mehndi Design

Image Source: Instagram

Such a hand harness design is one that your child will be happy to wear. This one-of-a-kind ‘tattoo imitating jewelry’ art will undoubtedly earn your child numerous compliments. Combine this pattern with a unique ring, and you’re ready to go!

Easy Kids Mehndi Design

Image Source: Instagram

Another lovely and simplistic design! If you wish, you can do extra finger art or ignore the fingers to emphasize the large bloom in the middle.

Artsy Mehndi Design

Image Source: Instagram

Every other mehndi design on a child is lovely, but this simple one with an artful finger mehndi is just stunning!

Mehndi Like Adults

Image Source: Instagram

Whenever your child insists on having a design like adults, this one is ideal. Its swirly pattern with classical themes will look nice on a child’s hands.

Easy Mandala Mehndi Design

Image Source: Instagram

Here’s an easy choice for mums looking for complete hand mehndi patterns for their children. Create a mandala in the center and a jaal design on the fingers. You can also make a simple blossom below.

Minimalist Mehndi Design For Kids

Image Source: Instagram

This pattern is ideal for children who prefer modest Henna designs on their hands. It has a diminutive flower pattern on the side, next to which a lacy pattern with interconnecting dots is drawn. 

Mehndi Design For Babies

Image Source: Instagram

Need to produce simple yet adorable mehndi designs for those tiny hands? Build a rose in the center of the hand and arrange small leaves around it. Dots near it or heart-shaped tattoos will work well for them as well.

Glitter It Up

Image Source: Instagram

What can be more thrilling for children than this? Make some glitter stars and surround them with small dots and arcs. Simple and elegant, you can use the glitter to create angels, flowers, or other features that your child likes.

Mehndi Design For Children

Image Source: Instagram

Give the shape of flowers and swirls linked to it if you want to maintain the hand loaded with creeper but basic and not an intense look. To prevent Mehndi from appearing too heavy, don’t fill in the flowers or gaps. 

Try This Kitty Cat As A Design

Image Source: Instagram

This is an adorable baby mehndi design that has only a small cat on the backside of the hand. The kitten has enormous button-like eyes, which make it even charming, as well as small stripes all over the body, a bent tail, and tiny ears.

Heart Love Mehndi Design

Image Source: Instagram

This basic yet adorable pattern comprises of heart within a heart in the palm’s center. The little hearts on the fingers look attractive with the subtle dotted designs surrounding them. This design is effortless to make, and your youngster will adore it. Ideal for casual events such as kids’ parties or engagements.

Animal Mehndi Design For Creative Kids

Image Source: Instagram

This is a unique Mehndi design for a child. This Elephant mehndi pattern will inspire a child to wear mehndi. Aside from the traditional flowers and foliage patterns, they can incorporate a variety of animal creatures into their mehndi designs.

Beautiful Mehndi Design For Feet

Image Source: Instagram

This quirky pattern is beautiful for small girls who enjoy mehndi on their feet. We adore how the strong outlines provide such an adorable touch to the mehndi.

Best Kids Mehndi Design

Image Source: Instagram

This design is exceptionally graceful, with floral mehndi on one finger to a full covered back of the hand design, and a wonderful mandala on the other hand with charming finger mehndi!

Blooming Trail

Image Source: Instagram

This is a one-of-a-kind yet simple mehndi design for your child! We like how the clumped-up blooms in the middle continue to the wrist. Expand the design towards the fingers to fill the entire hand.

To Make It Simple

Children dislike full hand mehndi; mehndi designs for them should be minimal yet lovely. They prefer basic, small, and fancy designs. Something creative should be used for the kid’s mehndi. Furthermore, the mehndi you use should be free of chemicals. As a result, mehndi designs for youngsters should be stylish and imaginative to lure them into getting mehndi done. Did your child like the Mehndi designs in our blog?

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