How to Make a Mehendi Cone at Home: A Step by Step Process

Mehendi is a very popular form of art in India. In India we have a wide range of mehendi cones which are used to make the designs. But the commercial cones available in the market are quite expensive. This blog will teach you how you can make your own mehendi cones at home and make your designs more beautiful.

Step 1: Make Paste

The first step is to make the paste. Then, in a bowl, mix:

– One cup of henna powder

– Two tablespoons of lemon juice

– Three tablespoons of sugar

Stir until all the ingredients are combined, and there are no clumps. If the mixture is too thick, add a few teaspoons of water until it becomes a thick but smoothie-like consistency.

Tip: Make sure your henna is fresh!

Step 2: Make a cone

The next step is to make the cone. First, fold a sheet of aluminum foil in half lengthwise, then fold it again width-wise. Make sure there are no creases or sharp edges when folding.

Cut along one edge, so you have two pieces – this will be your base and lid for the container, which should look like an open cone.

Take the left piece of foil and roll it into a thin tube – this will be your Mehendi cone. Please make sure the edges are smooth and don’t catch on the henna paste.

Tip: If you find the aluminum foil is too stiff, try rolling it between your palms until it becomes soft enough to form a cone.

Step 3: Add the paste to the cone

Now take your paste and fill the cone. Make sure you do this gently, so you don’t spill any of it!

Tip: Careful with dripping – make sure to wipe off any drips before starting on a design.

Step 4: Make designs with Mehendi cone

Now comes the fun part! Make whatever designs you want with your Mehendi cone. You can practice on a piece of paper or directly on your hand.

Tip: Make sure the henna is well-applied and not too thick – this will help avoid smudging when it dries.

Step 5: Apply henna design

Once you’re happy with your design, start applying it to your skin. Ensure the henna is well-applied and not too thick – this will help avoid smudging when it dries

Tip: The longer you wait, the darker and more vibrant the colour becomes – so if you are planning for an event where there will be lots of pictures, it is best to wait for a few days

Step 6: Wait for it to dry

Now you can leave your designs on overnight (for best results) or for a few hours until dry. Make sure not to get it while it is drying. Otherwise, the method will smudge!

Tip: If you have an event to go to and need the design on quickly, use a hair-dryer or blow torch to help make drying faster. You can also leave it overnight (for best results).

Step 7: Rinse off

When your design is dry, you can now rinse off the henna. But, again, make sure to be gentle so as not to smudge!

Tip: If any stubborn spots won’t come off, try rubbing a little coconut oil over it and then washing it away with soap.


We hope you enjoyed this article on how to make a mehendi cone at home. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please feel free to ask and we will be happy to answer. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and family! Thank you for reading

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