How To Make Your Tattoo Shine

Tattoos have grown in popularity, and they’re no longer merely a way to express yourself with body art. Many people get tattoos to draw attention to their true identities. You can get tattoos for a variety of reasons, including expressing affection for a loved one or simply showing off one’s wild side, and then some get tattoos for no particular purpose at all. But before getting a tattoo, consider using a tattoo numbing cream to ease out the process, as mentioned in our previous blog.

There are many ways to bring out the best version of your tattoo and restore its shine. Following are some ways we think you can do to reimpose the aesthetic appeal of an old tattoo:

1. Tattoo Balms

Never allow your new tattoo to fade, dry out, or scar your skin in any way. To avoid that, tattoo balms are formulated to speed up the healing process of tattoo wounds while also keeping the vibrancy of tattoo color. Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm(tattoo aftercare balm) is deeply hydrating and relaxing, and it helps to prevent color fading by repairing the ink’s pigments. Tattoo balms are filled with oils and extracts to keep the skin soft and smooth.

2. Exfoliating Gels

Using an exfoliation gel-like Aftershock Exfoliating Gel will restore the shine of your faded tattoo. The Alpha Hydroxy Acids in this exfoliating gel come from fruits like grapes, lemons, passion fruit, and pineapple. Using the Exfoliating Gel, you may get rid of the dead skin cells that naturally form over tattoo and make it look dull.

3. Moisturize Your Skin

Investing in a high-quality tattoo lotion such as Aveeno Body Lotion will help your skin heal properly and show off your tattoo to its maximum potential. Besides being fragrance-free, tattoo lotions should be created with quality components, without colorants, highly permeable to prevent infection as well as moisturize your skin to speed up the healing process and prevent it from peeling.

4. Go For A Touch-Up

Tattoo studios also perform touch-ups on existing tattoos. After a certain time, you won’t be able to keep the original vibrancy of your tattoo. Tattoo touch-ups are beneficial if you find yourself in a scenario like this. In tattoo touch-ups, the tattoo artist merely adds a few touches to the faded design to enhance its true colors.

5. Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has traditionally been used on tattoos by Polynesian cultures. They put it on once the tattoo is finished or after it has healed, whichever comes first. It is said to have the effect of bringing out the best in a design and making it shine.

Coconut oil is effective in keeping tattoo-covered skin moist and free of infection. Although there are reports of success, the evidence is purely anecdotal. You must consult with a doctor before applying coconut oil to your tattoo.

6. Tattoo Recoloring

There is another option to make your tattoo shine again. Tattoos become unsightly when the color fades, and the only solution is tattoo recoloring. Reviving faded tattoos by recoloring them restores their bright appearance. In addition, it’s a terrific chance to correct or rectify any flaws of your design that you were unsatisfied with from your former tattoo.

7. Use Sunscreen For UV Protection

If you plan on spending time in the sun after your tattoo has healed for at least two weeks and all the scabs have fallen off, be sure to use sunscreen. You can also cover your tattoo with clothing to keep it out of direct sunlight. In this way, your tattoo will keep its original state for a longer time and make it look appealing.

8. Keep Away From Water

Keep your tattooed skin away from water and soap detergents to prevent harm to the ink and loss of skin shine. If you get a tattoo, avoid swimming and bathing for at least a week. Showering is fine but avoids soaking your tattoo for a longer period, which increases the risk of infection and decreases the tattoo’s luster.

9. Avoid Strenuous Activities

To keep your tattoo ink safe, stay away from activities that are bad for your skin’s health during your workouts. To begin, we recommend that you avoid going to the gym, where you will be working out and sweating a lot. Excessive perspiration can have a detrimental impact on your tattooed skin, causing the ink to dim and lose its shine. 

To Conclude

Above are several methods/ tips for restoring the luster of your tattoo. In addition, tattoos should be treated with care to ensure that they last longer. For example, avoid unwanted or filthy hand contact with your tattoo, and stay hydrated to keep your tattooed skin moisturized. So, make sure to spend money on quality tattoo aftercare products!

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