Karwa Chauth 2021: 10 Tips To Make Your Henna Last Longer And Darken!

Is Your Husband or Lover True to You?

Apparently, in Hindu culture it is believed that the bride’s mehndi color is a clear representation of her husband’s feelings for her, according to one source.The deeper your mehndi, the more treasured you are by your husband, according to popular belief. This could be a myth but let’s not put your husband or lover to the test.

Karwa Chauth

For their husbands’ sake, Hindu ladies fast on Karwa Chauth to make sure they live long and prosper in their marriages. This year, Karwa Chauth falls on the 24th of October, Sunday. Married women fast until they see the full moon on this day. Their day ends with new attire and jewelry, and their evenings begin with henna or mehndi application on their hands. In India, applying mehndi or henna is an important part of the wedding traditions since it is considered auspicious. It is also believed that Mehndi represents fertility, which is why it is utilized in wedding rituals. However, there is another important reason why Mehndi has been utilized in Indian weddings for centuries: it is beautiful!

Mehndi And Its Benefits

Do you know Henna can be beneficial for you? Well, yes there are quite a few. Mehndi is a medicinal herb that is excellent for de-stressing a person’s mind and body. While a wedding is a joyous occasion for the families involved, it can also be a stressful time for the bride and groom. The application of mehndi helps to relax the nerves and prevent headaches and fever from occurring.

It is also commonly combined with eucalyptus oil and lemon juice, which not only aids in darkening the color of the henna but also serve as potent medicinal agents as well.

Because its utilization has been recognized since ancient times, either going for a simple mehndi design such as a Tipa or making beautiful intricate designs, it is always a component of most Indian events!

Want Your Henna to Last Longer and Darker? Here Are Some Tips.

However, as previously stated, the dark color indicates the affection that your new family would have for you. We do not know the truth of the matter, and this is only an old-fashioned idea, which explains the difficulty in obtaining very rich color!

However, there are many tips and tricks to achieve a deep, black henna color in a natural way. These home-made components may assist you in achieving a rich shade of skin tone. Consider using these natural materials to darken mehndi instead of synthetic dyes or additives:

Mustard oil

After the dried henna has been removed from the skin, apply mustard oil to the skin to give the mehndi a darker hue. Natural heat is associated with mustard oil, and it is believed to generate heat in the body. As a result, applying this oil to the mehndi causes the mehndi to darken by releasing heat.

Chuna / Lime powder

Using chuna or lime powder soaked in water to immediately modify the color of mehndi is recommended by some cosmetic experts. This only works if your hands are completely dry. As a bonus, some people think that chana has potent heating capabilities that rapidly turn the room black.

Eucalyptus Oil

Use this essential oil on your hands and feet after washing them. In addition to its pleasant scent, the oil aids in the darkening of mehndi.

Coffee/ tea mixture

Prior to applying the liquid mehndi, you might steep some tea or coffee in water. In traditional mehndi, black and dark brown colors blend to create a lovely deep tone.

Sugar and Lemon Mixture

Pour some lemon juice into a mixing basin and thoroughly mix it with some sugar until well combined. To use a cotton ball to apply mehndi after it has dried, soak it in the mixture for a few minutes before dabbing it lightly on your mehndi design. You can also add this mixture to the mehndi bowl if you want the mehndi to last longer. As a result, the color becomes darker. Don’t use too much of this mixture because too much acid can cause it to discolor.


As soon as you’ve removed the mehndi, heat up 8-10 cloves in a small saucepan until they begin to give out odors. Place your palm over the pan and watch out that it doesn’t burn you. Allow the fumes to contact your hands for a few seconds before removing them. For best results, repeat this procedure four times in a row. Clove oil or the heat from the cloves are both said to darken your henna color.


Before you sit down to apply mehndi, carefully wash your hands with soap and avoid using any creams or lotions. Mehndi will be fully absorbed and take on a darker hue as a result of any remaining skin layers being removed.

Naturally Dry

Let the mehndi dry naturally on your hands. Don’t use a blow dryer or shake your hands vigorously. Blown air can smear your design, wasting time and money.

Vick’s away

After its left overnight, it’s time to wash off the mehndi! Gently scuff your hands to remove all mehndi. Hands soaked in Vicks or pickle oil can be good for a dark mehndi color.

Early Application

Allow one or two days between application and event. Mehndi reaches its darkest color after a few days. Your mehndi session would be the liveliest if you plan ahead of time.

Now you know how to make your Henna leave a mark. So, buckle up this Karwa Chauth and give these simple tips a try and make everyone jealous.

Happy Karwa Chauth everyone!

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